We are redefining financial advice by offering transparent wealth management solutions while maintaining a fiduciary obligation to our clients. 


Retirement Planning Seminar

Please join us for a complimentary dinner to learn:

-How much money you will need to survive retirement.

-How our diverse industry knowledge and commitment to research can help you succeed and retire with confidence.

-This seminar is designed for individuals who are not currently working with a financial advisor, or who are looking to change advisors.

August 22nd, 2017 6:00pm

Eddie V's Prime Seafood

700 W 47th St #115

Kansas City, MO. 64112

Dinner will be provided.

Kindly RSVP To Kate Kennally: 913-326-1910


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We were founded on the principle of only acting in our clients’ best interests, which makes us pure fiduciaries. In the ever-changing financial services industry, many advisors position themselves as advisors when they are really just acting as brokers (salespeople), or worse — they attempt to act as both fiduciaries and brokers. We believe it is impossible to be both, so we choose only to act in our clients’ best interests. 
As fiduciaries, we’re paid on transparent fee-based agreements rather than charging our clients commissions or hidden markups on bonds. This fee places us on retainer, so you’re free to use our concierge-level, in-house services any time you need to without fear of additional fees.

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"A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity." -Dalai Lama

We take pride in knowing not only which securities our clients own, but also why they own them. When you outsource investment selection to third-party companies, you lose control and you lose transparency. 
At Falcon Wealth Advisors, we manage your money in-house—we do not outsource this task to managers, annuities or mutual funds, because we believe strong client relationships are critical to understanding and supporting long-term goals. We feel that it’s important for you to work with professionals you know and trust, in addition to having real-time access and insights into your customized strategy.

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Core Values

Integrity, knowledge, discipline and tenacity are the pillars of our success. We live by these values every day, which is apparent in the way we manage your wealth. 

1. Integrity – For us, it’s as simple as following through on promises and looking out for clients. We believe integrity is the foundation that trust is built upon, so it’s important that our relationship with you is one rooted in honesty, consistency and commitment. 

2. Knowledge – Falcon Wealth Advisors is a team of young, bright professionals who refuse to stay complacent.  We will never be satisfied by being just “good enough.”  We strive to support your success by continuously furthering our education.

3. Discipline – Asset management may involve personal short-term goals, but in the end, it’s about the longer journey. We believe this requires dedication, focus and enduring passion to help others succeed. 

4. Tenacity – Our team of professionals share a similar drive and sharpened work ethic that’s further propelled by our clients’ faith in our abilities. Each individual is deeply committed to supporting your success and possesses a profound respect for his or her responsibility as a fiduciary.

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Goals-Based Planning

At Falcon Wealth Advisors, we believe that investing without a plan is speculating. We sit down with every client and have an open discussion about not only their goals, but their fears and aspirations, too. We do this before we recommend investment solutions. Most importantly, we regularly review clients’ portfolios and strategies with them, adapting and adjusting their plans as their lives change. 
Crafting a blueprint for your future isn’t a one-time exercise; your financial plan is a living, breathing document. Your goals might stay the same, or they may naturally evolve over time. Either way, the steps taken to help you achieve those goals should reflect where you are as much as where you want to be.
We believe that this requires a hands-on approach. Your Falcon Wealth Advisors team reassesses and re-strategizes your financial plan at least twice a year to help ensure that you’re on an optimal path to achieve your goals. This may include: 
• Clearly Defining Your Goals
• Retirement Planning
• Concentrated Stock Strategies
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Establishing a Target Rate of Return
• When to Collect Social Security
• Life Insurance Review
• Estate Planning Needs
• Health Care Planning
• Retirement Plan Distribution Options
• Summarizing Your Assets and Liabilities
There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to financial planning. But by focusing on your individual needs, goals and dreams, we can help you create a guide to lasting success that works for you.

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