Equity Compensation Reviews

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

— Ayn Rand

Having a successful career means so much more than the money you make or the benefits you receive. Success in a career is about the impact you make and the relationships you develop. It’s about furthering society toward something you feel passionate about. And our clients do some truly amazing things. With that, our mission is to take the complexity of their compensation benefits package and break it down in a form they can easily understand. Then, we can guide them along as they make decisions.

Normally, the first place we look is to 401(k) plans. With dozens of options to choose from, risks to weigh and fees to consider, managing a 401(k) is not a task to take likely. Upon completing our Signature Planning Process, we can properly align our clients’ 401(k) investments with their retirement goals. Through the use of technology, we can link 401(k) accounts directly to financial plans. This allows us to monitor and discuss adjustments as the market changes and ultimately, as their lives change. As fiduciaries, it’s our intent to act in the best interest of our clients, and that includes making sure their 401(k) plan is properly setup up to help reach their goals.

Many of our clients also work at publicly traded companies. As a result, they have other forms of compensation including stock option grants, restricted stock units, associate stock purchase plans and more. Navigating these different perks can be overwhelming to do on one’s own. Our team of financial planners and investment professionals are trained to look at the big picture for clients before we drill down and give specific advice regarding when to exercise an option or diversify a concentrated position. The overarching theme is that having a financial plan that can accept an electronic feed of our clients’ corporate benefits allows us to develop multiple financial planning “What-If” scenarios to help our clients make the best decisions given their specific goals.

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