Jake Falcon and Cory Bittner, our founders, are Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors which means they have taken the time to further their education specifically to help the unique needs of the Pre and Post Retiree. Some of the major areas where we help clients include income planning, concentrated stock management, social security utilization, health care, tax planning, asset allocation, debt management, etc. Our team has helped hundreds of individuals plan for and retire successfully. We typically work with individuals who work or have worked for a publicly traded company in the Kansas City area.  From blue collar to boardroom we do not discriminate.

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Learn more about why we work with Pre and Post Retirees. 
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As our practice has matured our clients have looked to us to help their millennial children.  In addition to Jake and Cory our team has two more advisors, James Lewis and Matt Johnson, who are millennials themselves and understand the unique challenges young professionals face. As licensed advisors who also act as fiduciaries James and Matt are well equipped to help the unique needs of individuals looking to start building their nest eggs. Whether it’s making their first home purchase, beginning to save for retirement, or managing student loans James and Matt are happy to help our clients’ children make informed decisions.

Ultimately our entire team of 9 professionals collaborate together so that each client is receiving a team of knowledge and advice versus just one person’s opinion.

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