Introductory Meeting

  • About Us
  • About You
  • Laying the Foundation for Your Financial Plan

During our first meeting, we begin the process of getting to know you, your family, your current financial situation, your goals and any challenges that may stand in your way. We understand that planning for your future is an incredibly important and personal process, and we use this opportunity to start building the foundation for a long-term relationship with you. This meeting typically lasts half an hour and can be done in person or virtually.


Team Collaboration

  • Putting the Plan Together
  • Determine Asset Allocation / Location
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement

We take a team approach to serving clients, which allows us to incorporate a wide range of experience across our team members’ various financial specialties. Guided by the information discussed at our introductory meeting, we begin assembling your advisory team, and we collaborate across multiple disciplines to begin identifying solutions to your specific challenges.

Each client of Falcon Wealth Advisors has access to our entire team. While your advisor leads the primary strategy and major decisions, financial planners, traders and operations staff will be available to meet with you to discuss day-to-day financial planning and investment topics.


Strategy Discussion

  • Plan Delivery
  • Confirm Investment Strategy
  • Discuss Observations and Next Steps

During our second meeting with you, we introduce specific strategies to help solve your challenges and achieve your goals. We take time to explain all of our recommendations and make sure you are comfortable with every proposed solution. We present our ideas using simple and straightforward language, so you can be confident in every action being taken on your behalf. This meeting also typically lasts half an hour and can be done in person or virtually.



  • Account Opening Call with Onboarding Specialist
  • Account Funding
  • Online Access and Statement Review

Once we’ve agreed on a specific course of action, we walk you through every step of the account opening, transfer and consolidation process. To help ensure a smooth and seamless transition, we provide you with the necessary transfer paperwork, ready for your signature.


Ongoing Review and Monitoring

  • Proactive Scheduled Review Meetings
  • Discretionary Investment Management
  • Account Service

A month or two after your accounts have transferred and your plan is up and running, we check in with you to make sure you have full access to all of your information and that you are pleased with how your accounts are operating. We also review your account statements and answer any questions you may have.

Ongoing, we meet with you on a regular basis to review your progress and make any necessary adjustments to help ensure your plan and investments continue to meet the need of your ever-evolving life and goals. We also review any changes in market conditions that may warrant a change to your strategy.

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