Financial Planning for Retirement

“As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning.”

– Earl Nightingale

Retirement planning has been a core service of what we do since our founder, Jake Falcon, CRPC®, began practicing in 2006. Retirement can be both an exciting and anxiety-driven moment in your life. Our team at Falcon Wealth Advisors understand this, and our goal is to answer the question you’ve been asking and explain exactly how we can help you succeed and retire with confidence. Over 98% of our clients have a full comprehensive financial plan that lays the groundwork for making important financial decisions. Not only will we build out a plan for you and your family, we will also help you understand where the key decisions are made and show you impacts different decisions may have in your financial situation.

Step one in retirement planning is sitting down and having a conversation with one of our fiduciary-minded advisors and building out your plan. Because our legal obligation is to have your interests ahead of our own, we will work hard to understand your goals as well as your fears and help you set the direction for good decision making. Next, we will crunch the numbers with our team of financial planners. They will input your data into our financial planning software so we can run a thorough analysis. Behind the scenes, both the advisor and planner will discuss potential opportunities and will prepare a summary for our next in-person meeting.

At the next meeting, we will sit down to confirm your objectives and show you in real time the potential outcomes based on different financial decisions. This will include:

  • when to retire and how much to spend;

  • when to turn on social security;

  • whether to buy a second or third home;

  • how to plan for health insurance, tax planning, 401k and other company benefits; and much more.

Most importantly, as we help you plan for and retire successfully, our team will proactively contact you to update your plan and make necessary changes. In our eyes, retirement and income planning is not a one-time exercise; it’s something that should involve an ongoing conversation with an advisor you can trust and that has your best interest ahead of their own.

Jake Falcon is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and produces a weekly email – The Retirement Report – where he discusses key retirement topics and answers questions clients ask.

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