We Provide Solutions to the Challenges You Face

At Falcon Wealth Advisors, we provide comprehensive financial services that help solve three main challenges:

Financial Organization

  • Do you have trouble keeping track of all of your investments because you have multiple financial accounts at different institutions?
  • Do you have a single cohesive investment strategy guiding your entire portfolio, or are you just guessing?
  • Would your spouse or children know how to access everything should something unexpected happen to you?

One of the most common challenges we help our clients solve is a lack of financial organization. As you progressed through your life and career, you may find yourself with 401(k)s at different employers, investment accounts held with different custodians and one-off investment opportunities that are difficult to track. This can make it challenging to gain a firm grasp on where you stand in pursuit of your goals.

At Falcon Wealth Advisors, we strive to simplify your financial life. We do so by consolidating your assets and developing a comprehensive portfolio strategy to guide them all. We use technology to pull together outside accounts and provide you with a single dashboard view that shows you exactly where you stand at any given moment. We provide you with updated investment performance across all your accounts, budgeting tools that track your saving and spending habits, and a secure online vault to store your most important documents.

Knowledge is power, and it’s our goal to empower you with the knowledge you need to achieve your version of financial success.

Planning for Health Care Costs in Retirement

It’s no wonder many people worry about how they will pay for health care costs in retirement, as it’s one of the biggest expenses most retirees face. In fact, a 65-year-old couple that retired in 2021 can expect to spend approximately $300,000 on health care and medical expenses throughout retirement.1

We work with clients to implement a variety of strategies to prepare for this expense. We begin by helping you understand what your expenses may be. We then compare these costs to your estimated retirement income.

If we identify a gap, we implement tax-efficient saving and investment strategies to help fill it. If it makes sense for your particular situation, we help evaluate various options for Medicare supplement insurance to help defray excess expenses not covered by Medicare.

Managing the Fear of Running Out of Money

It’s the scariest question most retirees face, “Do I have enough money to last a lifetime?”

We help you answer, “Yes!” to this question by developing a cohesive strategy to guide your retirement planning. We look at your entire financial picture to gain an understanding of where you currently stand on the road to achieving your retirement goals. We work with you to shore up any weak areas and develop a plan to guide your transition from saving during your working years to spending in retirement.

We help you establish a tax-efficient monthly income stream to cover your daily living expenses and provide for those who matter most to you.

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